Asynchrony: the Essence of the Gifted Inner Experience

Giftedness too often is viewed from an achievement only perspective (doing, performing well). Often the gifted feel they are appreciated only for their capabilities, their output, not for who they are. This generally leads to an underrepresented social and emotional development (being well). However, an inside perspective from what it is to experience being ‘wired giftedly’, provides much more insight and understanding, leading to a well being that so often is dearly missed. Living a meaningful life springs from well-being.

High cognitive abilities too often invite the stereotype, that all the aspects of a gifted person across the board are more advanced. This is a misconception. The development of a gifted person is uneven in itself, and does not adhere to standardisation by age. Being gifted essentially means: experiencing asynchrony, both internally within yourself and externally in the (mis)fit with your environments.

In this keynote, drawing from the work of Dr. Linda Silverman and the Columbus Group, Chantal will touch upon how this asynchrony manifests, what it’s effects are, and what modifications it requires in work, school, family life and in parenting, teaching, leading and supporting the gifted considering the different needs these richly faceted individuals have.

Bio Chantal Woltring MSc

Keynote Chantal Woltring - M.Sc. - CVIP
Keynote Chantal Woltring - M.Sc. - CVIP


Raised in a family of gifted individuals, Chantal has seen both the fit and the misfit between gifted individuals and their environments. Seen how they modify their environments so they can flourish and also how they were crushed by their environments. Having watched these extremes from a first row seat, she now guides gifted adults, mostly professionals and executives, to create a meaningful life in her practice Woltring Coaching in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


Originally from an engineering and business background, she has worked as a coach and counselor since 2004, focusing solely on gifted individuals and groups since 2007. Up to 2015 she guided adolescents and young adults too. Now she exclusively works for gifted adults: generally highly gifted, analytical men over 45 in business and academia, stuck in the corset of the male stereotype of leader/provider, with an underdeveloped emotional life. ‘Succesful’ men, who feel disconnected, often experience many conflicts, work under the burden of great pressures in public view and feel extreme loneliness. They seek to get back in touch with their creative and sensitive sides, to connect with themselves, their loved ones and improve their work relations. Landing back into themselves, they access their wisdom and regain a life lived from meaning.


Her decade of experience with gifted adolescents and (young) adults at the dutch Center for Creative Learning and Feniks Talent and studying at the post-master curriculum Specialist in Gifted Education of the of the European Council for High Abilities have given her profound insight into what they sorely missed in their schooling and upbringing on the social and emotional side of being “wired so differently”. She comes to share their messages with those of you who try their best to raise, support and love these wonderfull, creative, sensitive, intense and beautiful children.


In March 2017, Chantal co-organised and chaired the Masterclass for Coaches and Counselors to the Gifted on invitation of IHBV, The Institute for Gifted Adults in The Netherlands.

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